Apr 25, 2012

The ongoing PAX East Gaming Event witnessed the introduction of the newest members of the Vengeance gaming line, the Corsair Vengeance 2000 wireless 7.1 gaming headset and the Vengeance C70 PC case. Both the peripherals will be made available in the course of the next two months.
This latest gaming headset is deployed with 2.4GHz wireless technology and is
said to work from a distance of about 40 feet. It can be used for extended gaming sessions as the audio peripheral can cough up the juice for about 10 hours, reveals the company. Its HRTF positional audio technology makes it complaint with 5.1 as well as 7.1 audio sources, while the acoustic tuning and 50mm drivers should deliver clear and improved bass response. The noise-cancelling device also takes care of the comfort factor with a padded headband and circumaural micro-fiber memory foam earpads. It can be powered by a USB cable too.
“Our Vengeance wired headsets have built a loyal following by giving gamers a competitive advantage with detailed positional audio, reliable voice communication, and comfort that lasts over marathon gaming sessions. The new Vengeance 2000 wireless headset relieves gamers from the hassle of accidentally rolling over cables or ripping their headset connector out of their PCs during the heat of battle. We also made sure that the case had plenty of cooling and expandability options, so gamers and builders can be assured that the case will accommodate just about anything they can throw at it,” stated Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Components Business Unit at Corsair.