Apr 8, 2012

Many of us think that creating a computer virus is very difficult as it needs a vast knowledge on coding. But nevertheless today I have posted an article through with you can easily create destruction on your target’s computer files! You can make your virus without knowledge of coding with a simple tool and its name is JPS Virus Maker. This is a nice tool for creating your own virus. Select all options you want with your virus and then click on create Virus. It will create an effective virus. There are many options which your virus will do on victims computer system. Your virus will able to hide itself from process list and it will disable many windows functions.

This tool can create any type of virus depending on what you demand. You can make the virus shut down the computer, restart their interface, freeze their screen, anything you demand it to do, it will create, with over 50 options able to be selected. The file could be created as a .jpg .exe file or any other type, with capabilities as you commanded.

But be sure not to run in your computer. 
This is only for educational purpose. Please do not use it to harm any other.