Apr 4, 2012

The iPhone 4S allure lies in its full-time intelligent assistant at the beck of your call. At its price though, an iPhone 4S isn’t within the budget of the majority of us. This made us wonder – can we get something similar to it for ourselves on our Android smartphones? After a bit of research on Google I got three most effective application after I used the on my Samsung Galaxy Ace. They are the  clones of iPhone’s Siri from Android Market.


Developer: Dexetra
Price: Free

This is by far the most talkative of all these clones, and gives the wittiest answers. You can ask Iris, a general question, get it to call someone from the phonebook, play your favourite songs from the playlist etc. the app is still at its alpha stage, but the current speed and precision of development, it just may be Android’s answer to Apple’s assistant.


Developer: 74 Technologies
Price: Free

Voice recognition is something that’s going for this app in a big way. I don’t have any issue regarding to accent or ambient noise for the most part, and Andy’s aura of seriousness when interacting is noteworthy. At the first run, the app downloads a couple of 4 GB worth add-ons, for which I suggest you using Wi-Fi (I already downloaded it earlier and later run it on my phone). While Iris has a humorous side to it, Andy keeps it very simple.


Developer: YourApp24
Price: Free

Alice works as well as Iris and Andy, and yet is another alternative, even if only for some fun. Again, this app seems to have better voice recognition than the original assistant on the par, Siri! Some answer seems to cross the border of being funny, deep into “What the Hell!” category.  Try it out just for fun as it is free of cost.

After what I tested on these Android apps and read about the iPhone’s Siri, it seems to me that Siri is having no chance at all. 


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