Apr 5, 2012

Using Internet in India is quite costly. So here I have a small Trick with help of it you can access free internet speed may be slow but without cost I think its awesome. So Just follow small steps:

Step 1: keep balance less then 0.30

Step 2:
Configure your mobile browser as shown below:
                 Access point: airtelgprs.Com
                Proxy address: Proxyweb.net or
                Port no: 80
               Homepage: wap.google.com 

Step 3:  first access 'wap.Google.Com'

Step 4: you will get other web page (not google).

Step 5: Here you can find an address box.Enter the site adress there,which you want to visit.Press UNBLOCK. Enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading!!!

Step 6: FOR PC: Configure your internet explorer or other browser as shown below.
                 Proxy adress- Proxyweb.net
                 Port - 80
Step 7: Connect with airtelgprs.com 

Have Fun!!!


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