Apr 6, 2012

If you follow technology at all, you've probably had the same feeling of mediocrity as many other tech savvy people. It seems like the only real improvements to technology, particularly mobile tech, have only been with hardware specs. We always see 'faster, smaller, thinner, lighter' as new products roll out onto shelves. One of mobile technologies biggest steps forward within the last year has been Siri, from Apple. It has the potential to change the way we interact with technology, and use it to help manage our daily lives.

Google is also working on something, that could take voice-activation technology to a whole new level. Google's "Project Glass" is that technology. At first glance, it looks like something right out of your favorite science fiction movie. It's a pair of glasses that has a small translucent display right above the right eye, so it doesn't block vision. Technology like this has the potential to change the way we manage our personal lives with interaction from technology. It's genius really, and looking at the photo above, I would have expected this to come from Apple for its innovation paired with elegance and fashion.