Apr 25, 2012

Consoles and other peripherals are always welcome into the gaming world, one of newest being the Modzlab Modded Halo Reach Xbox 360 controller. This accessory is available in choices of standard, glossy, flat jacket or hydro dipped.
The standard type of the peripheral serves the purpose of a plain controller used in regular Xbox 360 systems. This offering holds on to the appearance and form factor of the original while being in line with improved controls for some serious gaming.
The glossy forms of the entrant are touted to literally shine, and carry that extra bit of attractiveness with them. Controllers arrive dressed in subtle colors like black and white to more strong hues such as red and blue.

Enthusiasts looking forward to handle a distinct piece of hardware while playing their favorite game can opt for the flat jacket range. Just like the others, even this one arrives with a pool of color choices to suit every gamer’s fancy. The last to receive a mention are the hydro dipped controllers. They have been drenched in a range of shades and also sport different designs. Styles such as red splatter, black splatter, blue drop and so on are incorporated into the bezel.

For Halo Reach gamers who are not satisfied with the regular appearance of their controllers, this new offering seems rather viable. The entire lineup incorporates a Rapid Fire chip which comes preloaded with 5 different game modes that are said to work with almost any first person shooter game for the Xbox console.

The Modzlab Modded Halo Reach Xbox 360 Controller price and availability details have been disclosed. The company is offering the device for $79.95 (approx. Rs. 4,080) and it can be picked up from retail outlets.