Jun 20, 2012

The Samsung GALAXY S III (GS3) and Nokia 808 PureView aren't competing directly with each other, plus there's a significant price difference between them. Nevertheless, these are the newest flagship products from two of the world's biggest handset makers. If you're a casual user who's equally impressed by the GS3's quad-core CPU and Nokia's PureView tech, this comparison will shed more light on features beyond their USPs. So grab your popcorn, turn off your cellphone, and let the fight begin!

Round I: Design And Build Quality

When you spend more than 30k on a phone, it had better be good-looking. Sadly, Samsung doesn't seem to agree. The GS3 is cursed with the most uninspiring design that a top-end phone can have. If that wasn't enough, it even has an all-plastic body, which just looks cheap. On the other hand, while some may call it odd, the 808 has a unique design. The Finns have used polycarbonate to construct this handset, making it one of the most rugged top-end smartphones in the market today.

The 808 Wins!
Score: 808 1, GS3 0

Round II: User Interface And Ecosystem
The latest version of the Symbian OS, Belle, offers a pleasing experience. Navigating through the UI is smooth, and multitasking is handled with ease. However, the browser and keypad have a long way to go before they can match up to the polish of the Android platform. As for the GS3, not only is the interface more appealing visually, Samsung has also managed to add nifty software tweaks that enhance the user experience. More importantly, the Ovi Store has no chance against the rich Android Play Store. In short, the GS3 beats Nokia 808 hands down.

The GS3 Wins!
Score: 808 1, GS3 1

Round III: Performance
Although the 808's performance is very good when compared to earlier Symbian devices, its gaming experience is not up to the mark. In contrast, the quad-core monster GS3 handles complex 3D games without a hitch. Undoubtedly, the Exynos 4212 totally destroys the 808's chipset.

The GS3 Wins!
Score: 808 1, GS3 2

Round IV: Features
In the features department, both the 808 and GS3 are packed to the gills. While the latter scores over Nokia's offering with its 4.8" Super AMOLED display, the 808 fights back strongly with its HDMI port,Dolby Digital Plus sound, free voice-guided sat nav, and FM transmitter. In other aspects, both have 16 GB internal storage, a microSD card slot with support for up to 32 GB, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC. Therefore, I call this round a tie.

It's A Tie!
Score: 808 1.5, GS3 2.5

Round V: Camera
The GS3's camera has a few software tricks up its sleeve. However, it doesn't even come close to the 808 in terms of image quality. Since the latter's 41 MP sensor also blows most point-and-shoot cameras clear out of the water, it wins this round effortlessly.

The 808 Wins!
Score: 808 2.5, GS3 2.5

Round VI: Value For Money
The GS3's performance and impressive display justifies its price tag. However, many will be disappointed with the all-plastic body and stale design. Similarly, while the 808 has an outstanding camera, many people will be turned off by the lack of quality apps in Symbian. Overall, both handsets have been fairly priced, so there's no clear winner in this round.

It's A Tie!
Score: 808 3, GS3 3

Gentlemen, We Have A Tie!

Round VII: Tiebreaker!
So, the match has ended in a draw. But draws are so boring! Granted, this has been an even contest — but there can be only one! For the tiebreaker, we'll take the reviewer's tilt into consideration. While the GS3 is certainly a great phone, it has limited utility to me since I'm not interested in mobile gaming or downloading a whole bunch of apps on my phone. On the other hand, since I'm a wannabe photographer, I put my money on the 808 PureView, which offers me all the performance and apps I'll ever need.

The 808 Wins!
Score: 808 4, GS3 3
The Winner: Nokia 808 PureView!
Taking out the personal equation, it has to be said that both devices are good phones in their own right. In the end, it purely comes down to a matter of choice. If photography is your thing, go for the 808. If you're a mobile gamer, and love to try out new apps, the GS3 is your weapon of choice. I hope this grudge match has helped you make an informed decision. Now let the post-match fan rioting begin!


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