Jun 20, 2012

REM Headphones : Listen to Tunes in Your Sleep

Music buffs will be pleased to hear that they don’t have to go through at least one pair of headphones every two weeks just because they listen to music even when they’re in bed. If you’ve ever slept with a pair of earbuds on, then you’ll notice that the wires wear out much faster than if you didn’t use them in bed.

The REM headphones aren’t the first one of their kind .However, they’re different and I kind of prefer their design because it’s more compact and better-looking than the others. They’re designed to fit snugly in your ears, and have cords covered with a woven outer layer to keep them from tangling and getting snagged as you toss and turn in bed.

Unfortunately, they’re only a concept design for now. But who knows? Maybe someone will see just how good designer Gregory Martin’s design is and pick it up to manufacture it.

28-Port USB Hub: MondoHub

I laughed at the 12-port USB hubs. I shook my head at the 24-port model. But apparently even that was not enough for some of you. Here! Take the MondoHub! You’ll probably have to steal devices to fill this one up.
Four of the hub’s 28 ports are USB 3.0 compatible; the rest are USB 2.0. Each port gets up to 500mA from the hub’s power adapter and has its own power switch. ThinkGeek sells the MondoHub for $90 (USD), so be sure to count your USB devices to see if you really need the hub. How hilarious would it be if you found out you needed 29 ports?


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