May 13, 2013

Hello friends, today Samsung Electronics announced it had developed a new “5G” wireless standard that will be hundred times faster than today’s 4G networks. The new wireless standard is at least seven years away, so you won’t be streaming full seasons of Game Of Thrones in 3D soon.

And seven years is a lifetime in tech—taking nothing away from Samsung’s accomplishment, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see a few standards competing for our bandwidth by 2020. Already, Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) has a ridiculously fast landline system in France. In the U.S.A Google Fiber has brought gigabit Internet to Kansas City with Austin, Tex., and Provo, Utah, next up for installation. That’s because the rush for more bandwidth is akin to an oil rush. Get data-transmission speeds fast enough, and it doesn’t mean people can simply open Web pages faster; it means whole new businesses can thrive. For Samsung, one of those businesses is ultra-high definition TV.

 This new, incredibly high-resolution format was a big deal at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show but remains more theoretical than real, as movies encoded in this format have a file size that would sink a ship. Trying to stream a UHD movie over today’s networks takes days, not minutes. But if Samsung’s new network technology is for real, UHD will suddenly become viable. And if you’re Samsung, that’s nothing to sneeze at, since you’re already the world’s largest TV manufacturer. Samsung also said that a faster wireless network could help give rise to advanced medical services, since doctors would need high-resolution images to work remotely. That also lines up with the conglomerate’s goal of expanding into health-care technology. Indeed, the company’s goal is to be a major player in that industry by 2020—the same year its new wireless standard is expected.

Let see weather this will change the internet scenario. But one thing is for sure that if it get successful then Samsung will become a technology giant.

 Tell us what do you think of 5G network, well it will be ridiculously fast speed. We wait for your feedback.

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  1. Such high speeds of data transmission will revolutionize and completely transform the way we use computers. What is being reported here is just a few advantages.

    1. Hi Rahul :-h !!! The above article was written at time of announcement of 5G network. And yes I agree that it will be a revolutionary step. Large amount of data can be shared, ultra-high quality videoes will need such networks.

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