May 16, 2013

Hello Friends,

That’s right—there’s a new installment of Gran Turismo, the world’s most popular console--racing franchise, and it’s (allegedly) coming in time for the holidays. Earlier today at the UK’s Silverstone race circuit, Sony held a "15 years of Gran Turismo” event where it announced Gran Turismo 6 is on its way, and despite speculation that it might be a PS4
title, it’s going to be a PS3 game.

All the existing cars and tracks in GT5 will carry over to GT6, which gains another seven new locations (including Silverstone), as well as roughly 200 more cars. Polyphony Digital has also partnered with the tire company Yokohama and suspension makers KW  Automotive to create a new physics engine, something that the game sorely needed  after its Xbox rival, Forza Motorsport, did the same with Pirelli. The game will also feature  "connectivity with… smartphones and tablets for social and community functions,"  although there appear to be scant few details on what that actually means in practice.

Sony also promises monthly DLC updates with new cars and tracks, although you'll forgive me if I’m somewhat skeptical based on past performance. That said, I’m also very much looking forward to getting my hands on the new game to see how one of the most iconic gaming franchises has responded to no longer being top dog. If the graphics in the trailer are anything to go by, it’s going to be even more visually stunning than GT5 .


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