May 14, 2013

Hello Friends,

Nokia has finally launched its new Lumia device the 925. Well it was very disappointing move from Nokia. Check out why.

Nokia brings an aluminium design with the same innovative features. However, it's not all good news for the metal fans, as it's still got a polycarbonate back as Nokia hasn't worked out how to rock an all-aluminium chassis in the same way HTC managed with the One.

That's not to say the design of this 4G-enabled phone isn't impressive, as with the rounded aluminium edges you'd be hard pressed to notice that the back was made of plastic, albeit a premium version of that material – plus it will come in black, white and silver.

The front of the phone will also still wow a few, as it's using the same ClearBlack technology, coupled with an HD OLED screen, on a 4.5-inch display.

The phone has a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset powering things along, as well as 1GB of RAM and an 8.7MP camera.

It's not a bad screen at all, as it's bright and clear with decent colour reproduction, but the sharpness difference is noticeable when doing things like internet browsing.

Let's talk about what the Nokia Lumia 925 is really about though: an upgraded camera with all new functionality. If you use Nokia's Smart Camera technology as the default setting it allows you to take 10 photos at once and then allows you to do a number of cool things with said snaps.Nokia calls this an 'evolution' of the camera technology on its phones, and it's true as you no longer have to faff about with separate 'lenses' to enable functionality.

The 925 is a little slow on processing. And when we say a little, we're being kind. If you're taking photos for your own pleasure and have time to mess about with them to get the perfect result, then the annoying time watching the little dots at the top of the screen (which pop up when the phone is working through a task) isn't an issue.

TechGroovers Verdict: 

Well its a beauty but not a beast. Nokia had worked on its design and body materials but the hardware specs are really bad. It hangs a lot which will completely wash-off your mood to use it or show-off among your friends. For some reasons we think that Nokia didn't wanted it to be its flagship device. Let us see how it turns out in the future.

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  1. Besides all the debate about cores and processor, it has to have a good appeal and user friendly. Just look and lumia phones, awkward colors...who wants to use yellow and pink phone and show it off ????

    1. Hi Rahul, I agree with you just a little because Nokia is big brand and they are targeting numerous of audience with different character and likes. If you had noticed that the build of all the Lumia devices are rubberish that's why it doesn't look ugly wen you take it out of your pockets. :-)

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