Jan 9, 2013

It's still early in the show, but one of the nicer pair of headphones I've run into is the Sennheiser Momentum, which is available in brown or black for $350.

What makes them so nice? Well, for starters they're very light. They're also very comfortable, with real leather memory-foam earpads.

I only got a chance to wear them for about 5 minutes, but Sennheiser reps said they're designed to be worn for hours and I believe them.

My spot impression as far as their sound goes is that they have a warm, natural sound, that's very detailed. These are not bass-heavy headphones; rather they have a balanced, audiophile sound profile.

I also liked that the plug had a hinge in it, so you can go with a straight plug or a right-angle plug. More headphones should offer this feature.

Other extras include an Apple-friendly inline remote with microphone.

Sennheiser present the Momentum as new-for-CES product, but it's been shipping for a few months. I look forward to giving them a longer listen to see how they stack up to other higher-end headphones back at the office.

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